About Us

We aspire to become a one-point solutions center for providing systems, equipment, accessories, materials and human skills to our clients.

Proven business experience.
Working with Experience provides access to all the services, knowledge and maturity connected with proven business professionals, together with the fairness and support to solve even the most vital business challenges…

Comprehensive national and international network
Linkeeper has a strong backward linkage with national and international vendors so that at any time and any moment our strong management can indent your specific requirements.

Experienced and competent workforce
All the staff members of Linkeeper are experts in their related area and have the skill and capability required to fulfill their responsibilities. To improve the level of expertise of its work force, Linkeeper arranges trainings for its employees on regular basis.

Enriched understanding of market
Linkeeper delivers knowing the precise requirements of clients and having an awareness of the updated products in the market.

Strong client-base
A strong client base is the foundation of a successful business. With a lot of dedication, time and effort, Linkeeper has been able to accomplish a strong base structure.

Quality offer

Linkeeper offers services always keeping in mind a high level of value and excellence.